Friday, May 7, 2010

'Iron Man 2' Movie Reviews

One of the article in today (080510) The Sun's newspaper about the latest movie reviews have grabbed my attention to put it in my blog. It is about the Iatest movie shown on screen today : IRONMAN 2

This is what the writer said,

I was a huge fan of the first movie and like millions of other fans around the world, I eagerly anticipated the sequel. However, I felt a little let-down as a good portionof the sequel is about Tony Stark's ( Downey ) downward spiral upon realising that the very device that is meant to save his life is also slowly killing him.

To top it all,he has to contend with the US Government which wants him to hand over his Iron Man suits (he made more than one) as they are considered to be weapons

He has rival Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell) trying to get his hands on the Iron Man technology and also a mysterious Russian physicist called Ivan Vanko (Micket Rourke) who wants to destroy him to avenge the injustices. Tony`s father had committed againts Ivan`s dad.

Ivan creates his own suit of armour that has bullwhips of pure power and he uses it to almost kill Tony during their first encounter at a race track. However, instead of concentrating on matters at hand, Tony makes Peppers Potts(Paltrow) his company`s new CEO and is hell bent to enjoy live to the fullest. Even his old-time buddy Lieutenant Colonel James 'Rhodey' Rhodes (Cheadle) get tired of him.

But as with this genre, the hero soon hits a wall, sees the light and everything leads to a showdown with the baddie. Scarlett Johanssen`s much-anticipated turn as the mysterious Black Widow does add some spark to the movie during the action scenes, but Samuel Jackson`s Nick Fury is reduced to babbling nonsense.

Director Favreau, who has a cameo as Happy, Tony`s limo driver and bodyguard, comes off as nothing more than comic relief. The action is still great and the visual effects stunning. Overall, it is a film that only diehard fans will enjoy.

But watch out for the special something at the end of the credits, that gives you a peek of things to comes.

Cast : Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow & Don Cheadle

Director : Jon Favreau

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