Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mom`s birthday surprise!!

This is the 1st time kami 5 beradik, Suraya ( the oldest sis ), Suriani (2nd sis ), Suhaida ( 3rd sis ), Suhaili ( 4th sis ) and not to forget me Syukri ( the youngest ) celebrate our mom`s birthday togather since kami asyik sibuk ngan hal masing-masing dan jarang dapat berkumpul..and this is the chance for us to plan a birthday surprise for our mom since all of us ada di kampung...we decided to celebrate it at the Awana Kijal Golf & Resort Hotel..not far from our home...hanya 15min je dari umah.....and the themes for the night are purple!!..becouse of the present was a purple handbag..hahaha...and it was my idea to came out with the theme color..heheh...and the nights hanya di hadiri oleh anak2 sahaja...menantu-menantu dan cucu-cucu kene tinggal kat umah..xleh ikot..kekek...this is the ibu & anak night...sesampai je kat hotel...i droped them at the hotel foyer and then searching for the parking...lepas dah dpt parking....i called my sis tnya kat mana letaknya cafe tu...sbb dah sesat x jupe cari kat mana..hahah....rupa2 nye cafe tu duk kat tingkat bawah je...area swimmng pool..mmg la x jupe...then...times to pickup the food by one dtg bwk pinggan penuh ngan i just sit there..seme my sis dah tolong amik kn..hehe..bestnye.. so then we had our 'steamboat dinner' there and sembang2...then suddently the hotel manager came out with the surprise!!a birthday cake sponsored by the hotel sambil menyanyikan lagu `happy Birthday'.....everyone in the cafe also sang the song togather....thanx to all the hotel mom was very shocked..speechless..and a bit touching...actually.. the surprise have been planned by my sisters and the staff.....heheh...this is the best day for us and maybe a memorable birthday surprise for her...we loved u ma!!

Our mom

my 3rd & 2nd sister

my oldest & 4th sister

the steamboat!!best!!

the surprise from the hotel staff

huh??mana anak mak yg sorg lagi???

kek sumbangan drpd hotel worth RM......

ibu dan anak-anak

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